8 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Photographers


Deciding to get married is a life-changing decision. It can be filled with joy and happiness provided that both partners are ready for the commitment. But there are times where one or both partners are not completely honest when it comes to taking the big step, and that can end in disaster down the road. But according to a report done by the Huffington Post, wedding photographers can see signs a marriage won’t last from the actual wedding day.

You’re probably wondering how a wedding photographer can make such an assumption. But if you think about it; wedding photographers (experienced ones), have spent many long hours with couples. All the time they have spent would give them a pretty keen eye for signs that a marriage is doomed from the start.

Below you will find the top signs that a marriage won’t last from the point of view of professional wedding photographers.

One Partner Is Not Interested In Photographs: According to Rob Greer, a professional wedding photographer out of LA, California, when one partner doesn’t show interest in the photographs each day, it can be a telltale sign. Rob references a couple that he did early on in his career. Although many partners do not like being photographed, they do it anyway because it makes their partner happy. But Greer explains that when he arrived on the wedding day for this couple, the bride told him not to point the camera at her at all today. According to Greer, the couple divorced three months later. The willingness to consider the needs of your partner will help a relationship last.

More Than 20% of Invites Were Rejected: Brian Delia, who is the owner of Brian Delia Photography in Clifton New Jersey, explains that it is very common to have between 10-15 percent of invitations rejected. Some people have prior plans that just cannot be changed. But he adds that if you have between 20-25 percent of rejections, there might be a deeper reason why. Delia remembers a wedding he was photographing and the couple invited 250 guests and paid for the venue which seated at least 200. Only 60 people showed up to the wedding. Delia regrets to inform people that he recently found out that the couple separated. One reason Delia thinks people didn’t show up is that they knew that the couple was not going to work out.

Forced Chemistry: Gretchen Wakeman, a wedding photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona, wants to capture the magic when she is taking pictures of couples. Unfortunately, she has taken pictures of couples where one partner has to overcompensate for the other because the picture is looking dull. Wakeman knows that the best pictures are the ones that show natural chemistry, not the ones that look like they are posing for a social media picture.

Fighting Amongst the Bridal Party: It’s never a good sign when you find out that there is fighting amongst the bridal party, says Matt Adcock, co-founder of Del Sol Photography. Adcock remembers one wedding that he was shooting; he was 10 minutes from arriving at the wedding when he received a phone call. The bride was on the phone telling him that the wedding was canceled. She was saying that the bridal parties were not getting along. According to Adcock, the best man apparently slept with the maid of honor, who was actually the matron of honor because she was married. Adcock also states that there was a huge brawl between the guys as well. Adcock is unsure if the couple is still together, but he assumes they probably aren’t after a horrific day like that.

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