‘Aggressive’ Dog To Be Put Down Got Another Chance When A Woman Stepped Into His Kennel


We all love our dogs very much. This tends to go without saying in most situations. Unfortunately, there are also moments where our dogs can terrify us. There are certain dogs who have a powerful bark that can be quite frightening. Their jaws and teeth also make them look like a formidable opponent as well. What most do not realize is that there is a story behind every hyper aggressive dog.

Dogs who are overly aggressive are not mean. They are merely adapting to the circumstances that they have been forced to endure. Fortunately, there are pet owners who understand what these dogs have been through. Samantha Browne is a dog whisperer and she decided to assist a dog from South Africa who was having a tough time controlling her temper.

No matter what a dog has been through in their life, there is always someone who holds out hope that they can fix the animal. Samantha is one of those people. The dog she came across was a very loud animal. The alpha male was seen as a threat and it would not be long before he was put to sleep. Cerberus was his name. According to reports, Cerberus had been attacking other dogs in the kennel of the yard for some time.

The SPCA wanted to help, but they did not know if the pup was too far gone. Samantha was given the chance to provide him with the reform he needed. When she finally entered his territory, she did not know how he was going to react. Would the animal bite or snap at her? Samantha approached the animal cautiously and he surprised her by laying down to submit.

She soon realized that his aggression resulted from the fact that he viewed human hands as weapons that would be used against him. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger. Eventually, she was able to pet him. By letting him move at his own pace, Samantha slowly turned him into a leash wearing dog who did not mind wearing a collar for walks.

You’re not going to believe this, but she also took in his aggressive son Charlie. Both dogs have found peace because of her efforts and when she brought them back to their original kennel for a visit, they were stunned at the strides they’d made. If you would like to find out more about this amazing story, be sure to check out the tearjerker of a video below.


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