Artist Makes ‘Floating’ Embroidery Creations Using A Clever Trick


The intricate details found in well-done embroidery are always a treat to look at, but one woman’s creations are made even more stunning by the material she uses. Russian artist Krista Decor prefers stitching her delicate designs on a fine netting called tulle, which is made of various fibers including silk, nylon, and rayon. It’s so lightweight that it not only creates a lacy look, but it makes thread patterns appears as if they’re floating, too!

The artist learned this unique style of embroidery during her internship for the Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and she employs it to create beautiful scenes inspired by nature.

“Most of all in work with embroidery I like floral and animalistic ornament. Simply put, this is the world of nature of flowers and animals,” she explained. Her attention to detail is breathtaking.

“When creating the decor, I use flat and voluminous embroidery which requires such materials as woolen yarn and cotton thread, beads, pearls, natural stones, gimp, embroidery with straw and silk ribbon,” she added. “When combining these materials, a new design is born.”

It’s amazing that the tulle can withstand the density of some of yarns and thread she uses, but with Decor’s talent and precision, it holds perfectly. Aren’t these all amazing? You can check out more of Decor’s designs by visiting her website and following her on Instagram. Take a look at some more of our favorites down below!


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