Dad Had A Standoff With The SWAT Team When Doctors Wanted To Take His Son Off Life-Support


The power of love is an amazing thing and there is no love stronger than the love a parent feels for their child. Mothers and fathers will do anything to keep their children protected. The fierce loyalty that they feel is something that few can understand until they have children of their own. The father in this story was willing to do whatever it took to protect his son.

Even if it meant laying down his own life, he was ready. He did not care what it took to save his son’s life. George Pickering II is a special father who recently served an 11 month sentence for pulling out a gun on hospital staff members. He did not make this decision because he was attempting to be intimidating, he did so because it was his last resort.

His son, George Pickering III, had recently suffered from a stroke and was on life support. The doctors wanted to pull the plug on the younger man, but his father was having none of this talk. In his mind, the decision that they were making was a rash one and his son was not ready to move onto a better place. These unique circumstances led to a standoff with a SWAT team that unfolded over several hours.

He had become intoxicated earlier that day as well. The presence of intoxicants made it difficult for him to consider the consequences of the decision that he was making. His other son eventually disarmed him. However, George decided to lie about having a second firearm. He did not surrender to the SWAT team and he firmly believed that his son was still very much alive.

While we do not agree with his methods, George’s gambit worked. When he was enclosed with his son, the younger man squeezed his hand three or four times. Once he knew that his son still had more life left in him, he finally surrendered himself. After George served his sentence for his actions, he was finally reunited with his son this past Christmas.

This story is proof that love is all we need. George’s actions are sure to inspire some debates among readers. Some may not agree with his usage of firearms to get his point across. Others may wonder why he chose to get intoxicated at such a crucial time. Regardless of where you stand, an interesting discussion is bound to emerge. Please pass this story along to spark the next round of debate!


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