Kayaker Stumble Across 100-Year-Old Abandoned Ship, Stunned By What They Find Inside


Kayaking is a fun activity that allows us to become one with nature in a truly special way. The experience is a relatable one. Would be kayakers head to a beach side hovel and go through the rigmarole of lugging their vessel out into the waters. From there, it takes several hours to get the hang of the process and learn how to pilot your kayak like a pro.

Once you become an expert, sea faring expeditions are never the same. The kayak is an agile watercraft that can move at very high rates of speed. Since the kayak can head into places that a smaller boat is unable to reach, some interesting opportunities are presented to the the experienced kayaker. The man in this story recently had the opportunity to put his skills to the test.

The nation of Romania is the setting for this amazing occurrence. A ship by the name of Empire’s Strength is located in the Black Sea just off the coast. If you are seeking adventure, this is one of the best areas of Eastern Europe to visit. The side of the hull contains a small crack and while most of us would never venture inside, this man is not most people.

Even though the ship is covered in rust and other forms of discoloration, the man was not deterred in the slightest. The kayaker was taking a major risk by entering the ship. There were a number of jagged edges that threatened the kayaker, but this did not stop him from taking the time to explore. This is a man with initiative.

By the time he made his way inside of the hull, he could no longer use his paddle as a navigational tool. He used his hands to guide the kayak and was instantly given a very eerie vibe. The ship was actually used the nation of England during the World War II period. It was constructed in 1942 and used to transport frozen meats around the transatlantic region.

The ship has become a tourist attractions in the decades since and visitors marvel at the unique views that this interior has to offer. We are happy to report that this man made it through this journey unscathed.

If you enjoyed this journey through one of the most harrowing ghost ships in the world, please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones.


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