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The advent of tractors in the Deere family brought with it the desire on Charles Wiman’s part to raise the bar for harvesting machines. Wiman, Deere’s president, asked his engineers to create a homegrown combine that fit the needs of the average farmer in the Midwest. At this time, the market was loaded with gargantuan harvesters that were more than the average farmer could afford to run.

In response to Wiman’s plea, the No. 2 combine (shown at right) was born in 1926. And in rapid succession, it was replaced with lighter, smaller machines, as Deere engineers devised ways to get more harvesting capacity out of smaller components.

Deere’s line quickly grew to four models and then nearly doubled with the buy of the decade. In 1936, Caterpillar sold its vaunted combine line to Deere. With that deal came the famous Model 36, an industry standard that offered three cut widths in level land and two hillside versions. That acquisition took Deere from combine newbie to industry player in just over a decade.


Great Green Harvester2
The hillside Deeres trace their roots back to Caterpillar design.

Deere engineers continued to refine and to expand their pull-type line, adding the innovative auger header to the harvesters in 1939. This advance was much more efficient at getting crop from the sickle bar to the thresher.

Heeding the farmer’s call for self-propelled machines, Deere took to prototyping what would become one of the most copied harvesters in the world – the No. 55, introduced in 1946.

At the same time, the auger header was improved with the innovation of retracting fingers, soon to be another industry standard. And then in 1954, Deere engineers developed a two-row corn head that allowed farmers to pick, shell, and clean up to 20 acres of corn a day in one pass. The corn picker’s days were now numbered.

Relentless in its drive to dominate harvesting technology, Deere refined harvesting capacity while growing combine size. So much so that its Titan 8820 harvester, introduced in 1979, could easily consume the crop garnered from a 12-row corn head or 30-foot platform.

In 2000 came the introduction of the STS Series, which brought rotary threshing and grain separation to green harvesters.

Over 3,000 tractors recalled from John Deere


If you’ve purchased a John Deere utility tractor, you might want to see if it matches the following description.

About 3,300 John Deere compact utility tractors have been recalled.

Investigators said the rollover protective structure (ROPS) at the back of the tractor can loosen and fail to protect the operator in a rollover accident, posing risk of injury.

Models included in the recall are 1023E and 1025R compact utility trailers.

The trailers are green and yellow with ‘John Deere’ and the model number printed on the hood.

A serial can be found on the right side of the frame near the front right tire.

The trailers were sold nationwide from March 2017 to October 2017 for $12,000 to $13,900.

If you’ve purchased a recalled compact utility tractor, contact an authorized John Deere dealer for free repair.

The Top 10 Things You Should Never Google!!!!


In most cases, Google can be a great help in finding something you need. However, sometimes it can work against you.

10. Your symptoms

First of all, let’s talk about your health problems. There are many websites that specialize in such content, and, of course, most of them are not managed by medical professionals. Looking up the meaning of your symptoms on the internet will definitely not help you. Quite the reverse — it will make you feel worse and panicked. If you have any kind of health issues, don’t ask „Doctor Google.” Schedule a visit to a real doctor instead.

9. Anything criminal

Ok, this one is serious. You may try to look up things like “how to make a bomb“ or ”how to make amphetamines” out of pure interest. However, keep in mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches, and your IP address can appear in such a database. You don’t want to get in trouble because of your curiosity, do you?

8. Cancer

This is the case where the less you know, the better you sleep. There are so many types of this disease, and most of them occur with symptoms that could be very common for many other harmless conditions. Most people experience such things as dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc, so you’ll probably mistake something else for cancer and start panicking.

7. Bedbug infestations

You’ve probably heard about these little monsters, especially from any kind of hotel reviews. And maybe even some of you have experienced their harm on your own skin. But have you ever thought what bedbug infestations look like? If you want to continue sleeping at night, you won’t look it up. Please, don’t.

6. Skin conditions

There are many diseases connected with the skin, and most of them look really bad. For some reason, you can find online images of almost all of them. However, it’s much better to stay ignorant in this case because this kind of content can be extremely disturbing. Please do not look up genital infections either.


5. Smokers’ lungs

Many of us smoke, and from time to time we think about the harm smoking does, especially to our lungs. The web is full of images of the abnormal lungs of heavy smokers, which you could possibly take too seriously and freak out. You can, of course, try googling this if you need a strong motivation for quitting, but it’s better not to.

4. Dangerous animals

Please, stay away from such a list unless you want to acquire new phobias. There are a lot of really terrifying animals on our planet, and some of them will probably turn out to be in your region. Moreover, such a phobia may discourage you from traveling. You don’t want that to happen, right?

3. Your name

It’s not a big secret that in the era of the internet our privacy is greatly questioned. If you try to google your name, most probably you will stumble upon some unpleasant results. Bad photos of you, outdated information, irrelevant content — we take such things way too seriously. If you find something like this, you’ll want to delete it all. However, that’s not a simple thing to do. Maybe we should take it easy? Or simply don’t google it.

2. Blackhead removal

Well, this one is a bit different. It will definitely not scare you or get you in trouble, but it will take up all your time. You won’t be able to stop. It’s so weird that blackhead removal causes such visual satisfaction for many, but it sure does. So we advise you to stay away from this.

1. Giving birth

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies. Women yelling loudly, doctors trying to calm them down — it all looks really stressful, even in a movie. However, the real process of giving birth is a hundred times more disturbing. It’s especially dangerous for women to watch and may even discourage them from having children at all. So don’t even try to search for this. This goes for Caesarians as well.

Photographer Reveals How To Take A Holiday Card Like A Pro In Your Bedroom Using Xmas Lights


I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents would stuff me and my siblings into itchy Christmas sweaters emblazoned with reindeer, Santa, and snow-covered rooftops and try to wrangle us up in front of a painstakingly decorated tree in the living room.

And wrangle they did. The second they nailed me down, my little sister ran off into the kitchen, giggling all the way while my younger brother sat down and rolled his eyes practically into the back of his head. Managing to get us in one frame was a small miracle, and you can imagine that the photos were a little bit less than perfect.

Now that I’m out on my own and taking photos with my little family (me and my dog, basically), I appreciate how hard Mom and Dad had to work to create a festive image to send to family and friends. And even when I get my pup to look at the camera, there’s the issue of lighting, which I’d never even thought of (and I’m sure my parents never had time to think of, either). Fortunately, one photographer named Irene Rudnyk just released a video to show all of us amateurs out here how to nail the perfect holiday photo that’s sure to amaze everyone on your Christmas card list.

It all starts with something everyone has around the holidays: Christmas lights. Bring a strand or two in from outside and string them up. Near a window with a curtain rod may be a good place to start, both because of the natural lighting and the fact that you can hang the lights from the rod. Warm, white lights will serve you best, but if you really want to get festive, feel free to try it with multi-colored ones!

Plug those babies in and position yourself (or the kids, or the dogs, or everyone you can fit into the frame) among the lights.

Have the photographer grab their camera and one string of the dangling lights and back away a bit. They can stand on a stool if the angle isn’t quite right. Holding the lights near the lens will create a glowing effect. Having the subjects play around with the lights in a similar way adds even more of a glow.

Why Some People Get Those Little Red Bumps On Their Arms And How To Get Rid Of Them


Many of us have woken up one day and noticed that we have tiny red bumps on our arms that are rather unsightly. Some of us may mistake it for acne. Others may believe that they are coming down with chicken pox. These bumps are actually something else entirely. While no one ever wants to deal with “chicken skin”, there is a viable explanation for the phenomenon.

There is also something that resembles a cure. Keratosis pilaris is actually a far more common skin condition than most people realize. This condition is most commonly found in women who are pregnant and those who are experiencing the onset of puberty. Keratin builds up within the skin and serves a form of protection from various infections and harmful substances

Once the keratin builds up, the hair follicle openings are blocked. This is what leads to the skin becoming bumpy. The condition is considered to be genetic, but there are also some who suffer from it without being genetically predisposed. There may be no real cure for the condition, but there are a number of ways to manage it.

For starters, the concept of scrubbing the area might seem like a smart one. It is not. This only serves as an irritant and should be avoided at all costs. Even a towel rubdown will cause them to become irritated. If you do decide to rub the area down, you will need to be gentle. After a shower, we must pat the area down, as opposed to scrubbing it. Any prolonged scrubbing or rubbing of the area will cause a sizable amount of irritation.

Moisturizing the area helps, but we cannot use scented soaps. There are a wide range of specialty lotions that need to be purchased instead. They are specifically designed to remove all of the skin cells that have died. The creams that we use should also be rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes cellular turnover and keeps hair follicles from being plugged up.

Removing these unsightly bumps is as simple as finding the over the counter medication that works best for our needs. The truly vain among us might fret over these bumps, but they are merely a cosmetic nuisance. Don’t allow yourself to become too fretful over them and be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones who struggle with these bumps.