Parents Rush Three-Year-Old To The Hospital After Popular Bath Foam ‘Explodes’ During Bath Time


This shocking accident serves as a valuable reminder to parents everywhere. You simply never know when your children could be at risk. This accident took place because of a very popular bath form that is used by children everywhere. The child in this story is from Northern Ireland and the bath foam that was used came from the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol line.

Can you believe that the foam soap exploded while the little boy was in the process of using it!? The child had to be rushed to an intensive care unit as a result of the ensuing injuries. According to spokespeople from the hospital, his condition has been listed as critical. His aunt took to Facebook after the accident occurred. She was hoping to warn other parents away from the soap before it was too late.

She asked readers to keep the little boy in their thoughts and prayers while he was on the mend. Since the soap has yet to be removed from store shelves and there is no word about it being discontinued, parents everywhere are spreading the word. Nickelodeon claims that they are investigating the incident in hopes of finding out more.

KOKOMO is the manufacturer of the aforementioned bath foam. They have also released a statement expressing their sorrow about what has taken place. While these statements are well and good, they do nothing to assuage the sadness of families that are currently grappling with the consequences. We wish that these companies would do more to show how much they truly care.

If you are not willing to remove the clearly faulty product from the shelves, you can at least offer to assist families with their medical bills. KOKOMO has taken the step of suggesting that retailers remove the product from shelves. But what happens if a retailer decides that they do not wish to do so? More children like this innocent little are going to end up getting hurt as a result.

Parents everywhere are urged to share this story with their closest friends and loved ones. All it takes is a few moments of your time to potentially save the life of a child that you care about. Please do not hesitate to pass this story along as soon as possible! We all need to do our part to make sure nothing like this happens ever again.


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