Teen Wakes Up At Sleepover With A ‘Burning’ Pain, Sees His Neck And Starts Screaming


    Were you the first kid to fall asleep during a sleepover at a friends house? If you were, you knew your face was going to get covered with drawings in permanent markers.

    Unfortunately, teens today are taking things to a dangerous level. The latest “prank” sweeping the internet has serious and lasting consequences.

    It’s called the ‘hot water challenge’ and has a teen pour boiling hot water on an unsuspecting victim. The 140 degree Fahrenheit water causes scolding third degree burns. The challenge has since gone viral on Youtube – with one child passing away.

    Eight-year-old Ki’ari Pope passed away in March after being dared to drink boiling water through a straw. She ended up hospitalized with a tracheotomy, deaf and with chronic respiratory problems.

    A 15-year-old and six boys were at a friend’s house for a sleepover when the boys poured boiling water on his neck. He told THV11:

    “I felt this really bad burning on my neck … I laid in bed for two hours and finally got up. I went to the bathroom and realized that this had happened then they told me they had poured the hot water on me…”

    The teen went home and his mom rushed him to the hospital. Reportedly, the teens didn’t realize just how hot the water was.

    Since the incident, the teen said they are no longer his friends. His mom is begging other parents to speak with their children about the hazards of online challenges like the one that harmed her son.


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