While Wheelchair-bound Girl Is Interviewed For T.V. Her Brother Makes A Shocking Confession


A video like this one comes with an advance warning. If you are someone who is prone to the sniffles when you see certain clips, this is a video that will get you choked up. Even those who pride themselves on keeping a stiff upper lip may have a hard time composing themselves after this one. Trenton and his little sister Lindsay have a story to tell and it is one of the most heartwarming tales we’ve ever seen.

Lindsay was born with a very rare disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She is wheelchair bound as a result. While she cannot partake in many of the activities that normal children enjoy, she is still able to live her life to the fullest. She knows that she is a normal person just like anyone else and she does not allow her disability to hold her back.

Thanks to the love and support that she receives from her brother Trenton, this lesson is driven home on a daily basis. She has spoken about how much easier her life is thanks to the efforts of her older brother. Lindsay recently received an Unsung Hero award for all of her tremendous work. She was quick to point out that she never could have done it without the help of Trenton.

When Trenton was asked to tell the world what his sister meant to him, it was tough for the young man to gather his thoughts. Seeing this little boy overcome with emotion is a moment that any of us with siblings or close loved ones can relate to. When we see a family member who needs help, our protective instincts kick in and we will do anything to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Trenton can barely get the words out before he starts to choke back tears. His display of emotion was so expressive that even Lindsay found herself surprised by his outpouring. Stories like these serve as a reminder of how much our siblings mean to us. This touching story is bound to hit all of our readers in the feels, whether you have siblings or not.

Once you have finished drying your eyes, be sure to pass this story along to your closest loved ones. Sometimes, the people closest to us are unsure of what we mean to them until we show them. Share the love as soon as possible.


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