Why Some People Get Those Little Red Bumps On Their Arms And How To Get Rid Of Them


Many of us have woken up one day and noticed that we have tiny red bumps on our arms that are rather unsightly. Some of us may mistake it for acne. Others may believe that they are coming down with chicken pox. These bumps are actually something else entirely. While no one ever wants to deal with “chicken skin”, there is a viable explanation for the phenomenon.

There is also something that resembles a cure. Keratosis pilaris is actually a far more common skin condition than most people realize. This condition is most commonly found in women who are pregnant and those who are experiencing the onset of puberty. Keratin builds up within the skin and serves a form of protection from various infections and harmful substances

Once the keratin builds up, the hair follicle openings are blocked. This is what leads to the skin becoming bumpy. The condition is considered to be genetic, but there are also some who suffer from it without being genetically predisposed. There may be no real cure for the condition, but there are a number of ways to manage it.

For starters, the concept of scrubbing the area might seem like a smart one. It is not. This only serves as an irritant and should be avoided at all costs. Even a towel rubdown will cause them to become irritated. If you do decide to rub the area down, you will need to be gentle. After a shower, we must pat the area down, as opposed to scrubbing it. Any prolonged scrubbing or rubbing of the area will cause a sizable amount of irritation.

Moisturizing the area helps, but we cannot use scented soaps. There are a wide range of specialty lotions that need to be purchased instead. They are specifically designed to remove all of the skin cells that have died. The creams that we use should also be rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes cellular turnover and keeps hair follicles from being plugged up.

Removing these unsightly bumps is as simple as finding the over the counter medication that works best for our needs. The truly vain among us might fret over these bumps, but they are merely a cosmetic nuisance. Don’t allow yourself to become too fretful over them and be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones who struggle with these bumps.


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